Halloween Macarons


#Macarons | Whenever we have a ton of eggs, a batch of French Macarons is in the near future. I like making them because I usually can get two recipes out of the three eggs, seeing as
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Sparkling Wine Grape Macarons video

#Macarons | I love wine and I love French macarons so I came up with a recipe that has both! These sparkling wine and grape macarons are so fun, fruity and delicious! I add sparkling wine extract to purple-colored almond wafers and create a grape filling with grape jelly! And to make these extra special, spray them […]
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Lemon Raspberry Macarons video

#Macarons | Macarons – the elusive, dreamy cookie recipe that haunts home pastry chefs! These little finicky cookies are a real treat to enjoy and can be a real treat to make, once you get a hang of it! This French macaron recipe for  sweet raspberry macarons filled with a tart lemon filling is the first macaron […]
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